Brave new world.

From today onwards i would brainstorm and would try to give some of the out of box solutions to the worldly problems.Sometimes i will infuse the great thinkers,some philosophers,some leaders and some common people.

21st February 2016.

Consider drought!

A girl in a drought-prone village of maharashtra did suicide because she could not manage rupees 260 for her monthly pass of travel to the school.

What if Gandhi was here,who told people to fast.Maybe the poor cant do fast as they already are perpetually fasting.But if the panchayat leader inspired the rich and the zamindars to fast for the national development.They can atleast donate 2 to 4 chapatis for the poors which then can be distributed .What if we use MGNREGA for distributing these chapatis.And in reciprocity,these poors can in turn help make some value addition work.For example they can make quilt or godhadi which then can be even exported.Or they can make crafts which can be monetized.More supply will lessen the prices of these crafts which are above the middle class income in india.But this can revolutionize the rural economy.

But lets be realistic,why would rich do fast and donate chapati for some invisible compassion?Then we can do a system of badges or compassion meter on the wall of panchayat or the temple.More generous the rich is higher shall be his status on this metre.

This also needs to include the names of the girls and women who make chapatis.Seeing their names on this patriarchal society’s highest institution of perpetuating patriarchy will be an achievement.

We live in a society of obesity as well as malnutrition.

Twitter and facebook has the monetization features.More the members,more the posts,more shall be the advertisement  and bigger will be the revenue.

What if we make our own social networking site,which makes the movement of people to generate high quality content and in addition ,this networking site can donate one chapati for each post which receives more than threshold say  1000 or say 10000 likes.


But this donation of chapati will not be free,poor will have to work or make godhali/quilt/craft/ or provide an idea which can then be made a prototype  of by the rural and social entrepreneurs.The contribution of chapatis by the rich shall be the shareholder in this prototype.Generating wealth for all.


One chapati can change the lives.One Gandhi can still teach us how to improve.