Fianacial inclusion

Why financial inclusion?

  1. NSSO: 52% households in debt:


TN 80%



    1. Dependence on informal lenders
    2. Acc to census 70% indians live in rural areas and 40% bank branches in rural areas Thus the role of BC is large.(BC have not took off because less monetary incentives lead to absentee business correspondents,trust deficit among people leading to dormancy in accounts)

    1. DBTwill decrease the dormant accounts

PMJDY vs IRDP,Corruption made the cattle bought on paper dead .

Thus PMJDY is a silent revolution bcoz it is better designed with JAM trinity,linked with pension plans,dbt,aadhaar,ENTITLEMENTS

Wiping every tear from every eye

Tagline: Mera khata,Bhagya vidhata

Next step MUDRA BANK

  1. Gives loans to entrepreneurs
  2. Will act as a regulator to MFI’s
  3. Loans : Shishu(upto 50k),Kishor(50k-5lakh),Tarun(5lakh-10lakh)

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