What I will make  today is the currency systems of india from rigvedic upto iltutmish ,

So hre  is the thingy,, a curvvveeeee ohhh not a curve…. It is  my timeline,u r watching my vid hence my rrrrruless..

Rule no.1 Its not  a curve it’s a timeline

Rigvedic period had a system of barter meaning people used to exchange goods for goods and no money

Barter no money barter no money

In later vedic period  we had satrana and nishk imp thing is that those were metals and not coins also  those were made upp of  silver..

Next hero is 6th BCE i.e. befor e common era ,we had punched marked coins ……..metals were punched like in boxing …. u punch someone and ur fist gets punched over ur opponents face.those were copper  and silver…wait is it Ag? or Is it Au??….i guess it is Ag…. My rules u remember

So now we come to  the great mauryans…more impressive than they really were….they had pana’s,, the famous coins, called pana’s basically of silver..Whoa those people were obsessed with silverand copper……tamarupa means copper coins and rupyarupa means silver coins

Next comes our post mauryan period, u remember chandragupta maurya? kautilya? arthashastra?anyone??read urself….

Here we have gold coins…in large numbers.kanishka is believed to have made the largest gold coins U know those were the times of real wealth goooolllldddd and indians obsesssions with gold hereby starts….Now comes the guptas( the chandragupta) here we see the decrease in currencies…how do we knoe that?….bcoz we found less no. of coins at this time  ….its all speculations….archeological survey of india u know…..also fa hsien came at this period in india….Yup u guessed right next will be post gupta… do they name such things …if I were there I would have named something exxxootttiiccc and sexxxyyy…..let it be…we had decrease in economy because the people were given land grants in large numbers….In rajputana times, we had end of currency system…no big deal.Now comes the times of iltutmish …he issued tanka’s etc….

So here we are moving towards the medieval period ….i think I need to stop…


The video is brought to u by akshay from revows ……..

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