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What I will make  today is the currency systems of india from rigvedic upto iltutmish ,

So hre  is the thingy,, a curvvveeeee ohhh not a curve…. It is  my timeline,u r watching my vid hence my rrrrruless..

Rule no.1 Its not  a curve it’s a timeline

Rigvedic period had a system of barter meaning people used to exchange goods for goods and no money

Barter no money barter no money

In later vedic period  we had satrana and nishk imp thing is that those were metals and not coins also  those were made upp of  silver..

Next hero is 6th BCE i.e. befor e common era ,we had punched marked coins ……..metals were punched like in boxing …. u punch someone and ur fist gets punched over ur opponents face.those were copper  and silver…wait is it Ag? or Is it Au??….i guess it is Ag…. My rules u remember

So now we come to  the great mauryans…more impressive than they really were….they had pana’s,, the famous coins, called pana’s basically of silver..Whoa those people were obsessed with silverand copper……tamarupa means copper coins and rupyarupa means silver coins

Next comes our post mauryan period, u remember chandragupta maurya? kautilya? arthashastra?anyone??read urself….

Here we have gold coins…in large numbers.kanishka is believed to have made the largest gold coins U know those were the times of real wealth goooolllldddd and indians obsesssions with gold hereby starts….Now comes the guptas( the chandragupta) here we see the decrease in currencies…how do we knoe that?….bcoz we found less no. of coins at this time  ….its all speculations….archeological survey of india u know…..also fa hsien came at this period in india….Yup u guessed right next will be post gupta…..how do they name such things …if I were there I would have named something exxxootttiiccc and sexxxyyy…..let it be…we had decrease in economy because the people were given land grants in large numbers….In rajputana times, we had end of currency system…no big deal.Now comes the times of iltutmish …he issued tanka’s etc….

So here we are moving towards the medieval period ….i think I need to stop…


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RVM’s are the machines which takes in cfl light bulbs,beverage bottles,batteries and gives out the money.It also crushes the bottles,cans subduing their volume.It consists of an embedded system in which the weight measures,metal sensors ,LCD display,keypad or touchscreen,currency counter,garbage container and a crusher.


(1)As a collector of waste so that the toxins do not reach the ecosystem.

(2)As a distributor of waste .It can distribute batteries from beverega bottles in turn from CFL’s.

(3)As a real-time monitor of how much people use itself,how much waste go undetected to the landfills.

(4)In Metropolitan development,it can be used as a feedback mechanism for the policymakers.

(5)It significantly reduces the volume of waste sothat the transportation costs go down


(1)An RVM incentivises the customer to collect the CFL’s , Batteries sothat they do not reach the landfill sites.

(2)It is economic ,cheap and can be open sourced implies no patent disputes.

(3)The muncipalities will have their waste disposal chain in place.Implies human who are used to separate those products are not harmed.

(4)Still the problem of waste disposal persists .But the collected and distributed waste can now be better suited for recycle,reuse and reintegration.

 Heres,the video

How to structure your notes the hindu (slow down the SPEED OF VIDEO)



Malaysia Airlines jet CRASH

  sanctions  ON RUSSIA

 end a 25-year-long quest to make Moscow a partner


state-owned banks


 the export of technologies needed by Russia’s oil and defence industries


 bankS have around $15 billion in bonds denominated in dollars, euros and Swiss francs maturing in the next three years

new sanctions make it harder for lenders such as these to raise equity and debt on Western capital markets.


 harder for lenders such as these to raise equity and debt on Western capital markets.


FLOW OF Capital  into Russia has already fallen

 debts will be harder to pay

 if China does offer money

EYE ON Russia’s natural resources.


sanctions do not target Russia’s energy exports

will limit

 Russia’s ability to tap new and hard-to-get-at fields in the Arctic


have kept Sberbank off its sanctions


gas industry conspicuously untouched

 EU has

barred future, not existing, defence deals

 Crimea, Ukraine beholden

 to Moscow would be worth it.


not bring Russia to its knees



is now fighting for politicaL SURVIVAL

  Russian propaganda

machine remains powerful




A technique know as resonance wireless power transfer is advancing faster and moving forward since its inception.

University of Washington engineers have evolved a wi fi-backscatter which can provide
1.POWER: to battery-free devices( temperature sensors or wearable technology).
This power transmission works on the principle of resonance where a coil is placed at the receiver(that is temp sensor here) and the natural frequency of the receiver is tunned to the transmittion frequency so that power transfer takes place.As we r using ”backscatter” -it means energy will be transmitted not directed but to all directions.

2.CONNECTING: each individual device to the Internet.
A wi-fi is the most suitable device to do this work as we can connect as much devices to the internet as our wi-fi can allocate the address to.

3.TRANSMISSION:encode data by either reflecting or not reflecting a wi-fi router’s signal.. This works just like the ON OFF MECHANISM (in binary 1 and 0 respectively.)

1.no battery requirements to the devices.(costs will come down)
2.environmental=lesser e waste.
3.Centralised system.

1.Resonance frequency may give as health hazards.
2.Continuous exposure may increase headache.
3.Encoding,Decoding without IEEE standards might give security implications.